5 Ways to Support Employees Through Storytelling


5 Ways to Support Employees Through Storytelling

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We know how challenging it can be to speak out about our emotional wellbeing. The truth is, however, that while we’re often afraid, we’re also craving these conversations. Our research shows that while 90 percent of employees would appreciate their leadership speaking about mental health, only 53 percent believe they are doing so.  

Download our quick tips guide to learn: 

• How to use storytelling to create an environment of openness and reduced stigma around mental health. • How to approach these conversations from a growth mindset. 

• How to facilitate dialogue in a way that still feels safe, respects personal boundaries, and is appropriate for the setting.


Ginger brings high-quality, on-demand mental health support to those in need. Through the Ginger app, members can connect immediately with our team of coaches through in-app text messaging. For members who need extra support, a therapist or psychiatrist can be added to their care team for video sessions. Millions of people have access to the Ginger on-demand mental health system through our work with employers, health plans, and other partners. To learn more about how Ginger can support your workforce, contact us at

5 Ways to Support Employees Through Storytelling
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