Now is Not the Time for Mental Health Misalignment


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Mental healthcare is becoming less and less taboo. And yet, employees don’t feel as though they have the support they need. 96% of CEOs think they are doing enough for employee mental health, yet only 69% of employees agree. Leaders who communicate (and over-communicate) mental healthcare resources have the longest reach and largest impact on employees.  

Watch this discussion with One Mind on how leaders can actively close the mental healthcare perception gap.  

You'll learn:  

- How COVID-19 has impacted the state of mental health since the onset of the pandemic  

- How to address the differences between CEO and worker perspectives when it comes to employee mental health  

- How to integrate tools and strategies that transforms your approach to workplace mental health  

- How your mental health strategy impacts culture and business outcomes


Ginger brings high-quality, on-demand mental health support to those in need. Through the Ginger app, members can connect immediately with our team of coaches through in-app text messaging. For members who need extra support, a therapist or psychiatrist can be added to their care team for video sessions. Millions of people have access to the Ginger on-demand mental health system through our work with employers, health plans, and other partners. To learn more about how Ginger can support your workforce, contact us at

Now is Not the Time for Mental Health Misalignment
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